Penetration Testing

Identify Network Security Weaknesses with Penetration Testing in Flint, MI

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We go above and beyond the standard vulnerability analysis.

Threats occur when you least expect them. To prevent your organization from any potential security breaches, you need penetration testing services. Many companies with more extensive networks tend to overlook certain elements that can cause a breach in security and need to be aware of their safety flaws. A network penetration test performed by the Symplex-IT Consulting team will provide you with an overview of how effective your security system is.

Make Better Decisions About the Security of Your Organization

With penetration testing, you’ll feel prepared to make more informed decisions about your organization’s security. Once the test is performed, you’ll be made aware of any security flaws, and our team will develop a customized solution to resolve them. We work closely with all our customers to build a profile that will accurately describe the function of their business, where the threats could come from, and the goal of their security strategy.

Learn How Vulnerable Your Information is to Cyber Attacks

Organizations will always go the extra mile to protect their information and assets; however, they don’t usually test their defenses. With penetration testing by Symplex-IT Consulting, we can help you strengthen the security for your assets by pointing out any vulnerabilities in your security systems.

We Can Identify Complex Security Weaknesses

During a penetration test, our team will be able to determine whether your critical data is actually at risk. If it is, we will identify the complex security vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. Our team can also gain insight into an attacker’s reasoning and motivation, which help prevent any future security breaches. Lastly, we will gather quantitative results that will help us, and you, measure the risk associated with your information, data, and assets.

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Prevent security breaches, test your cyber line of defense, and keep your valuable information safe and secure by utilizing penetration testing. With over 23 years of experience, our team has expertise in all things IT. Call the Symplex-IT Consulting team at (810) 845-4750 to schedule a free consultation.